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UKW / VHF Seefunk - das beste Instrument für die Kommunikation auf See
SRC Course


RYA - SRC/VHF:  Who would raise the alarm in a distress situation on board your boat?

Course details

Pre-Course Experience

No experience required

Assumed Knowledge


Student Instructor Ratio

Online Theory Course


8 -10 hours online study

Ability after Course

To have the confidence and qualifications needed to use a marine radio, both in routine and emergency situations.

Course Content

See detailed Syllabus below

Syllabus SRC Course:

When you have completed your online course you eligible to attend SRC/VHF exam. Prior to siting your exam you will have the opportunity to practice with the radio equipment before commencing your exam.

The practical session and exam is held with our RYA  shorebased training centre partner that offer this service.  Swiss Maritime Academy is based in Switzerland and sessions are held regularly.

Aufbauende Kurse
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RYA Day Skipper is a demanding course for aspiring skippers with some yachting experience and basic navigation and sailing skills.

This is a hands-on course that is highly recommended for anyone who regularly sails on board a yacht. It’s designed to improve skills and build knowledge of all aspects of life at sea whilst skippering a sailing yacht during short passages.

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RYA Coastal Skipper is the ideal qualification to follow RYA Day Skipper. It may also form a bridge to a MCA/RYA Yachtmaster™ examination. It’s designed to give an experienced skipper the confidence to undertake longer and more complex passages which may involve sailing at night or involve watch-keeping systems.